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Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation

          Since 2006, the Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation has been providing resources, administrative support, and financial assistance to youth activities serving children within the Anthony Wayne School District. Participating communities include Whitehouse, Waterville, Waterville Township, Monclova, and parts of Swanton Township, Providence-Neapolis, and Middleton Township. Our goal is simple – we want to work alongside our neighbors to provide youth with the best possible opportunity for them to grow and thrive. By working together, we hope to achieve this goal as a collective group, bringing valuable programs, education, facilities, and active recreation options to our kids in a fun and safe environment.





To support youth enrichment by providing funds and resources specifically for the needs of Anthony Wayne area youth organizations as it relates to programs, education and facilities, with a primary focus on active recreation.

Core Values

  • Building a dynamic future for our youth
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Community development


We believe our success is not measured by how much money we accumulate, but by how much we have invested in life-changing actions in our community. If you share this vision, we ask you to consider being a part of this dynamic community youth development outreach program.

Resources & Support

We imagine a flourishing and healthy community where kids have a safe and “beautiful” place to play, socialize, be physically active, gain confidence, learn leadership skills, and be part of a team.

Innovative Strategies

All kids and their families should feel like they are part of the community and included in the fun. Our innovative strategies and forward-thinking can produce a prosperous community that is environmentally friendly, socially equitable, and best of all, a great place to live!

With your support, we can join together to work towards making this vision come true.

What We Offer & Community Benefits

  1. Our streamlined fundraising approach allows youth organizations to request donations as a collective group, eliminating the need for each to ask for support separately (and at the same time), and multiplying the impact of financial gifts.
  2. As a steward of the Blue Creek Recreation Area, we are committed to improving quality of life, public health, active lifestyles, and community engagement.
  3. Our focus on economic development will positively affect property values, increase municipal revenue, and attract people and business to our growing community.
  4. By working together, we are able to reach more kids and families to show them the benefits of physical activity and youth activity participation.
  5. We drastically reduce duplication of efforts and expenses each activity incurs for insurance, supplies, field maintenance, and more.
  6. We minimize the amount of time our dedicated volunteers and parents spend on administrative tasks by hosting efficient online registration and data for each activity.
  7. We are NOT a governing board for activities, but rather provide collaborative administrative support.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2832
Whitehouse, OH 43571

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Please email regarding all questions and information requests.

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