7th-8th Grade Basketball League (Boys Only)

What is the Program?

The program is designed to allow 7th and 8th grade boys who live in the Anthony Wayne School District to continue to develop their basketball skills through practices and school based tournaments.

This league extends from November to February, offers one practice/week, and 4 tournaments. Our volunteer parent coaches use the philosophies from our high school basketball programs to develop the skills necessary to play the game of basketball throughout the season -- dribbling, shooting, rebounding, passing, screening and defense.

Focusing on the basics and applying them to a game setting is to prepare them for the organized basketball that continues into high school.


  • Registration Opens in Late August and closes before the Players Skills Clinic/Coaches Meeting in Early November.
    • Check for open registrations here.
  • Spots are filled quickly so register early! Late registrations will be added to a waiting list.

Players Clinic/Coaches Meeting

  • Occurs on a Sunday in early November.
  • PLAYERS: During this time, players will come in for a skills session lead by our high school coaching staff that focus on the fundamentals of the game. This is free to all those who have registered for the program. If your child cannot attend, they will still be placed on a team.
  • COACHES: Coaches will be able to attend the skills sessions to learn drills to use during their season, and to evaluate all the players in the program. During the coaches meeting, we will review season schedule and rules, assign practice times, hand out equipment, and complete the player draft.

Team Assignment

  • Players are drafted onto teams during the coaches meeting and notified of their team assignment during the last week of October prior to practices starting in November.
  • 7th and 8th graders will be placed on the same teams.
  • We do not allow players to play up a grade in this league.

Practice Schedule

  • Practices will begin in Mid November and continue through season end in February. Each team gets one practice per week at one of our local schools -- Waterville Primary, Whitehouse Primary, Monclova Primary, or Fallen Timbers Middle School.
  • There are no practices if there is no school including Holiday breaks, parents teacher conferences, and snow days.

Season Schedule

  • Teams will participate in 3 school based tournaments throughout the season between the months of December-February. Tournament schedule will be finalized by the end of November.
  • Teams will participate in 2 round robin tournament weekends between all our AW Rec 7th/8th grade teams.

Program Fees

Program fees include a reversible game jersey for each player, skills clinic, team practice balls, team first aid kits, certified referees, liability insurance, coaches background checks, and gym rental fees.

Interested in Coaching?

Leave your name and email in your child's registration stating you would like to coach. You will be contacted prior to the Player Clinic/Coaches Meeting.