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AWYF Membership

What is the AWYF Membership?

The Annual AWYF Membership is a one-time $100 fee assessed per family (not per child) for members of all participating youth activities each calendar year. The fee is assessed regardless of the number of active participants or activities within each family and in addition to any individual activity participation fees.

What does it cover?

The Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation works to provide administrative services to all our underlying activities so that they can focus on providing the best program experiences to all our youth athletes. The Annual AWYF Membership helps to cover these various costs that are not covered by individual activity fees including:

  • Association fees
  • AWYF administrative costs
  • Background checks for all coaches and volunteers
  • Bookkeeping and record tracking
  • Coaching Certification and Training Programs
  • Daily operation fees including office utilities and supplies
  • Facility Maintenance and Improvements to the Blue Creek Recreation Area and all the surrounding facilities utilized by our activities.
  • Insurance premiums (facilities, players, coaches, volunteers, spectators)
  • Marketing
  • Professional Services including payroll expenses, taxes, and accounting fees
  • Website maintenance and registration fees


How is the fee determined?

The Annual AWYF Membership is set by the AWYF Board of Trustees, comprised of representatives from all our underlying participating activities.

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